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Oct 27, 2012 6:30pm PDT
'twell -- used to that kind of weather. but they're being warmed by the way their team is playing and you say they go 2,000-miles to see the team but this is a world series and they're coming from all over the world. in a sea of blue and orange -- >> tigers. >> reporter: comes a stripe of a different coalready. orange and -- color. orange and black. where am i? i feel like i'm on second and king. nope, woodward and adams, detroit, michigan. you came from south carolina? >> we drove from minneapolis last night. >> texas. >> reporter: all part of giants' nation on tour. so far, the orange and blue aren't turning the orange and black black and blue. >> i got booed four times by the time i got off the airplane but every person has been real friendly. booing me but friendly. >> reporter: making the presence known and if it's a giants' win tonight you might consider sarah stumble from santa cruz a lucky charm. >> she took her friend kathleen bern the airline messed up. >> amazing. >> amazing, she also got first class tickets on the plane for the first time. that was cool 689. >> reporter: the coole
Oct 13, 2012 6:30pm PDT
an array of measures on the california ballot. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us why both parties are going for the door to door approach. >> reporter: the rest of it from propositions to the president not so much. that's why the california democratic party set up a day of action today going door to door to educate voters on the issues. >> when you go out there they say oh this is important. i should know the issues and i really think it's effective. >> reporter: it's a strategy the republicans are employing too. >> it's what's really a combination of getting stuff in the mails seeing what's on tv and them that direct contact that brings the deal home. >> reporter: with such a wide array of decisions to be made we spoke with people out the street. >> there's a lot more investigating to do. >> still reading on some of the propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it's actually really rude. and bad when people are trying to sway. it's just a really personal opinion and i think everyone's entitled to that. >> i feel like i'm intelligent enough and tha
Oct 20, 2012 6:30pm PDT
to that of what we see during a normal weekday. >> reporter: it is the new routine. so i suppose it will save us money and get things done in a hurry but right now it's inconvenient. monday morning at 5 a.m. we should be back in business. >> thank you, don knapp. >>> as you meet expect with the san mateo bridge closed a lot of people are taking the bay bridge to get on the other side of the bay. there are delays at the toll plaza. so if you need to get across the bay, give yourself extra time. to avoid traffic messes, go to our website, and click on current traffic conditions on the front page. >>> the bridge closure didn't stop fans from going to cal memorial stadium. they couldn't miss the big game even though it came at an unusual time this year. traditionally it comes at the end of the season. for the first time in more than a century they played in october instead of november. stanford fans say while it feels odd, what matters most is that they beat their hated rivals. >> october is pretty late anyway. they are talking about it in the papers starting late so i think it's great to
Oct 6, 2012 6:30pm PDT
stations because so many were using that mode of transportation. but really, what a great night for a ballgame. and there's so much happening in the city that when people were in line they got a chance to see some of the blue angels fly over, as well. a lot of excitement. people still going inside and the game is starting in a cummins. >> thank you, elissa harrington. >> and we were warned and warned again about traffic heading into the weekend. so far no major problems. gianna franco has more from the traffic center. >> reporter: people certainly paid attention. they used mass transit. they walked and they used a lot of bicycles. in fact, we're going to show you some video we took earlier from chopper 5. look at the rows and rows of bikes at golden gate park. lots of people used that mode of transportation to avoid traffic tie-ups. so it worked out because it's lighter than usual for folks heading in and out of san francisco. now, a lot of the events are wrapping up now so we might see extra busy conditions. we'll run down a few. hardly strictly bluegrass festival ending in the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4